Golden Cross Fund

Alabama-West Florida Conference
Information for Pastors/District Superintendents


Golden Cross seeks to assist United Methodists of the Alabama-West Florida Conference who need financial aid for medical expenses.  We are seeking additional applicants now. Read the information below before applying.


Golden Cross receives no funds from apportioned items.  Its only source of income is from the people of the local churches within our Conference.  Each local church is encouraged to receive a special offering for the Golden Cross.  The observance of this annual day is the 1st Sunday in May, but this is not required on this particular Sunday. Any Special Offering on any Sunday is always appreciated. The funds should be remitted to the Conference Treasurer, 4719 Woodmere Blvd., Montgomery, AL  36106.


Guidelines used to assist those in need:

  1. Assistance shall be available for United Methodists.  Payment toward financial assistance shall be made only to the hospital, physician(s) or pharmacy.
    1. The Director of Golden Cross will provide each applicant with a form, which must be completed in advance of receiving assistance.
    2. A copy of past due bills reflecting unpaid balances must accompany the completed application.
    3. This information is returned to the Director of Golden Cross.


  1. Assistance will be granted to an individual only upon the recommendation of the local pastor or District Superintendent who is in a position to know of the individual’s financial need or circumstances.  A Pastor who needs medical assistance shall be granted such only upon recommendation of his or her District Superintendent.


  1. Upon receiving a request from a local pastor or District Superintendent, an application form will be sent to the individual needing assistance.
    1. The individual or the local Pastor/ District Superintendent requesting assistance completes the application.
    2. A copy of the bill(s), reflecting past due and balance due amounts, MUST ACCOMPANY THE APPLICATION FORM.  This information is sent to the Golden Cross Director.


  1. The amount of assistance granted to any individual shall be limited to a total of $1,200.00 for any combination of hospital, physician or pharmacy bill.  When funds are available, the assistance will be sent directly to the hospital, physician or pharmacy by the Conference Treasurer.


Julie Terrell, RN
UMCOR Health/Golden Cross Director
26610 Bridge Lane
Andalusia, AL  36421
Home:  850-712-0456


Click here for a fillable PDF version of the application form. Download and save this file to your computer before completing and printing.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the application form. Print and complete form by hand.