Goals and Possible Outcomes

The Courageous Conversations program was designed by a diverse group of people from across the Alabama-West Florida Conference:

Rev. Sheila Bates
Sonya Crawford
Susan Hunt
Rev. Rusty Hutson
Rev. Ashley Wilkinson Meyer
Rev. Allen Newton
Rev. Cory Smith
Rev. Jean Tippit

with the guidance and leadership of Rev. Scott Hughes of Discipleship Ministries.


The purpose of these conversations is to learn from one another and grow in our perspective and not to change people's positions on the topic. The goals and possible outcomes include: 


  • Growing as a covenant community founded in God’s grace and love
  • Establishing a space to seek to understand before being understood
  • Seeking the mind of Christ as we listen to God and one another
  • Laying the groundwork for the greater conversations at Annual Conference and being informed about the Way Forward Commission
  • Learning to have difficult conversations in a God honoring way

Possible Outcomes:

  1. Creating safe/brave spaces to discuss difficult topics
  2. Honoring God in the face of disagreement 
  3. Growing in our understanding of ourselves as well as other’s perspectives 
  4. Being heard by one another and cultivating relationships across ideology
  5. Providing a model for local churches to utilize in their settings
  6. Learning a common language related to LGBTQ persons (as defined by the Way Forward Commission)


Overview of the agenda for a Courageous Conversation session:

  • Welcome, opening prayer, meal
  • Hymn
  • Review of Covenant
  • Practice Dialogue
  • Way Forward Commission Information
  • Table, Micro, and Large Group Conversations
  • Communion
  • Benediction