General Conference 2016


The United Methodist Church’s top legislative body will meet at the Oregon Convention Center, the largest convention center in the Pacific Northwest, on May 10-20, 2016.

General Conference is the top policy-making body of The United Methodist Church which meets once every four years. The conference can revise church law, as well as adopt resolutions on current moral, social, public policy and economic issues. It also approves plans and budgets for church-wide programs. 

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Alabama-West Florida Delegation

Members of the delegation, and the legislative committees on which they will serve, include:

General Conference Delegation
Steve Furr, laity: Church & Society 2
Pat Luna, laity: Judicial Administration 
Beverly Maddox, laity: Faith & Order
Clara Ester, laity: Church & Society 1
Dawn Hare, laity; General Administration
Lawson Bryan, clergy: Financial Administration
Larry Bryars, clergy: Ministry & Higher Education/Superintendency
Jeremy Pridgeon, clergy: Conferences
Robin Wilson, clergy: Discipleship
John Brooks, clergy: Local Church

Jurisdictional Conference Delegation:
Frank Moore, laity: Independent Commissions (no vote)
Robert Powell, laity
Frank Dunnewind, laity
Tripp Gulledge, laity
Gene Floore, laity
Susan Hunt, laity alternate
Antonius Barnes, laity alternate
Duane Keck, laity alternate
Paulette Thompson, laity alternate
June Jernigan, clergy: Global Ministry (no vote)
Rurel Ausley, clergy
Cory Smith, clergy
Tonya Elmore, clergy
Emily Kincaid, clergy
Dan Morris, clergy alternate
Jackie Slaughter, clergy alternate
Allen Newton, clergy alternate
Rob Couch, clergy alternate

Delegate Breakdown from annual conferences and central conferences

Total General Conference delegates = 864

Total General Conference delegates from Alabama-West Florida = 10

Breakdown of Delegate Count