GC Testimony

Grateful Hearts for GOLDEN CROSS

Mr. B has kidney failure.  He goes to dialysis 3 times per week because his kidneys no longer work, and the dialysis helps to rid his body of toxins and wastes in his blood.  He receives $780.00/month in retirement benefits and lives with his daughter and family to make ends meet.  He is a United Methodist and received funds from the Golden Cross to pay off several outstanding bills to a local dialysis center, before his lifetime benefits with the National Kidney Association kicked in.  He writes, “Thank you for the help that was given to me for my medical bills.  It was a blessing for us.  Thanks again and may God bless all of you.”

Golden Cross is a special fund of the United Methodist Church that exists in order to respond to the most pressing health care needs within a local congregation.  Golden Cross funds are retained within the conference where they are received.  The contributions given to the Alabama-West Florida Conference provide the opportunity to make available financial aid for medical delinquent expenses from a hospital, physician or pharmacy.  Specific guidelines and policy is in place for awarding these funds. 

The Golden Cross program of the Alabama-West Florida Conference needs applications!  Any local church pastor or District Superintendent may request assistance for a congregational member from the Golden Cross.


Click here for a fillable PDF version of the application form. Download and save this file to your computer before completing and printing.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the application form. Print and complete form by hand.