Francis Asbury Award

The Francis Asbury Award  is a non-monetary award to recognize and encourage support of higher education and campus ministries within The United Methodist Church. The award will offer recognition to individuals who have made a significant contribution to fostering the church's ministries in higher education at the local, district, or annual conference level of the church.
The award is named for Bishop Asbury and is based on his admonition to the people called Methodist to erect a school in the vicinity of every church. "We must," he said, "...give the key of knowledge to your children, and those of the poor in the vicinity of your small towns and villages."
All persons, clergy or lay, employed or volunteer, who are members of The United Methodist Church and who meet the criteria listed below are eligible:
  1. A United Methodist;
  2. Active in supporting, strengthening, and promoting the church's work in higher education ministries (schools, colleges, campus ministries, scholarships, Black College Fund, Africa University) at the annual conference, district, or local church level;
  3. Offer outstanding leadership, above and beyond basic responsibilities, to help bring heightened awareness to the significance of the church's higher education ministries;
  4. Involved in efforts in agreement with the concerns of the annual conference board of higher education and campus ministry and the Division of Higher Education of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

Deadline is April 15th

Those wishing to nominate someone may send the nominee's name, address, phone number, and e-mail address with a description of his or her contributions to higher education to Rev. Levi Gardner ( by April 15th. 

This award is awarded annually, with the award being presented during the honoree's annual conference session. (Arrangements can be made to make the presentation at a local church.)  A maximum of one award per annual conference per year.
Past Recipients:

2022: Dr. Deloris Alexander, Tuskegee Wesley Foundation

2021: Rev. David Goolsby, Auburn Wesley Foundation

2020: Rev. Audrey Rogers, Tuskegee Wesley Foundation

2019: Mr. Lee Thomas, First UMC Millbrook 

2018: Rev. Lisa Pierce, Director of Alabama Rural Ministry

2017: Dr. Jimmy Jeffcoat of Huntingdon College

2016: Dr. Frank Buckner, Jr. Associate Provost for Curriculum and Faculty Development at Huntingdon College

2015: Rev. Sheila Bates, Director of Student Faith and Leadership Formation, Collegiate Ministries Office, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

2014: Mr. Jeroy Carroll, Toulminville-Warren Street UMC

2013: Rev. Dr. J. Cameron West, President, Huntingdon College

2012: Dr. Gene Watson, Eufaula FUMC