Frequently Asked Questions

How can my church save money on software, computers and peripherals? - Media and Technology Use

You may want to check out the savings available by ordering software, computers and other products through the United Methodist Communications' TECHSHOP. Significant discounts are offered to United Methodist organizations on products supplied by Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Insight and Cisco. Go to their web site at

How do I access the Local Church Dashboard? - Church Dashboard

From the homepage you enter your login information in the "church login" box on the right of the screen.


How do I conduct a background check for a ministry volunteer/staff person? - Safe Sanctuaries / Background Checks

Each church needs to be registered with Trak-1 to do background checks within their congregation.  To get registered, go to United Methodist Insurance. When you get there, go to the RESOURCES tab.  Drop down the menu and click on Background Screening - A Loss Prevention Tool.  Now click on the TRAK 1 logo to be routed to the log in/new user page.

New user?  Click on GET STARTED.  Returning customer?  Sign in.

If you need assistance, please contact Frank Dunnewind 1.888.873.3127.

How do I find other United Methodist websites? -

 Go to the Links page on this website.

How do I register for camp at Blue Lake United Methodist Assembly? - Camping

Visit or call 334-222-5407.

How do I subscribe to the AWF Conference e-mail list? - About Us

Click here to join the e-community.

How do I use .pdf files? - Media and Technology Use

To open, view and print out a portable document format (.pdf) file, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader TM installed on your computer. When Adobe Acrobat Reader TM has been installed, just click on the underlined titles that appear above.

To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat ReaderTM, please go to .

If you have Windows 2000 installed on your computer, you will need to install Acrobat 5.0.5 or a newer version. For this update go to .

How have we been collecting our health insurance premiums and pension contributions for our conference clergy up to this date (2010)? - Direct Bill

We have placed all insurance premiums and required pension contributions for our clergy in the apportionments of the Annual Conference.  These apportionments were then sent to each local church on an annual basis. In a model of greater transparency, local churches will now receive the direct bill for their clergy (and, if applicable, lay employee) benefits to accurately see the total cost of the benefit.

How many clergy and churches are in the AWF Conference? What is the Conference's current membership? - About Us

These statistics may be found here

How much does a Church Video License cost? -

License fees are based on the size of your membership.

How much does an exhibition license and/or a BMI/ASCAP license cost? - Music and Media Licensing

Cost vary for an exhibition license, depending on the film.  Each distribution company has a catalog with pricing.  A Disney flick will cost you a lot more than a Veggie Tales show.  It can run from $50 per viewing to over $1000.  The best deal on BMI/ASCAP for churches is through the Willow Creek Association.  Membership in the association entitles you to a substantial discount on BMI/ASCAP licensing.

One area where you can open yourself up for trouble with BMI/ASCAP is if you happen to have a big popular hall that you rent out for wedding receptions.  This kind of venue is a magnet for the copyright police.

How often do background checks need to be updated? - Safe Sanctuaries / Background Checks

Every 2 years.

How will a multi-church charge receive a direct bill? How is their monthly charge figured? - Direct Bill

Let's imagine there are three churches on the charge: Church A, B, and C. Add the total apportionments of all three churches. (A+B+C = X )  Divide A/X for Church A. Divide B/X for Church B. Divide C/X for Church C. The total percentage should be 100. Multiply the total monthly bill by the percentage for each church to determine the amount each church will pay. This formula works the same for health insurance and pension billing.

I don't have a CCLI license. Can I reproduce the words to a song from the United Methodist Hymnal for use at a worship service? -

Under the terms of use for the United Methodist Hymnal, you may reproduce the words only to one song from the hymnal for use during a worship service. The words must be accompanied by source credit.

If I lose the password for my church's website at the General Board of Global Ministries, can I get it back? -

Yes. Get more information about getting your General Board of Global Ministries password HERE.

If my church owns a United Methodist Hymnal, can I copy words and music for a service? -

No. The United Methodist Hymnal is copyright 1989 by The United Methodist Publishing House. Except as stated elsewhere in the hymnal, all rights on all materials are reserved by The United Methodist Publishing House and no part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any other information storage or retrieval system, except as may be expressly permitted by the 1976 Copyright Act or in writing from the publisher.

Requests for permission on material controlled by The United Methodist Publishing House should be addressed in writing to Permissions Office, Abingdon Press, 201 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville TN 37202.

Keep in mind that the following often-given excuses for illegally copying hymns or songs will not hold up in court:

  1. It's from our own denominational hymnal.
  2. We have a CCLI (or other) license.
  3. We want only to copy the words.
  4. We're a church and want to use the hymn in our worship services.
  5. We're a Sunday school class, and want to study this hymn in our class.

None of the above will legally keep you from paying a fine if you are caught. In certain limited cases, for certain hymns, numbers 1 and 2 may allow you to legally reproduce portions of the hymns (never choral, instrumental, handbell, or other arrangements, however). Numbers 3-5 are never reasons for you to feel free to use copyrighted material without permission. It is always your responsibility to make certain your use is within the law.

My church wants to do a booklet. Is there a software program that will enable us to do that? - Media and Technology Use

Blue Squirrell software ( has a product called "ClickBook".  It will format not only a booklet, but virtually any other type of document, including reducing or enlarging to fit whatever paper size you want to use.

You still have to lay out the material the way you want it to appear, but you can use Word or any page layout program to do that.  Clickbook doesn't let you manipulate the content of the document, but it does the formating, pagination, etc. and does it quite well.

My church/ministry is developing a new logo. What are the guidelines for usage of the UMC logo - the cross and flame? -

GCFA has strict rules regarding usage of the official UMC symbol, the cross and flame. Click HERE for complete guidelines.

Question about church phone numbers, addresses, etc. - About Us

Information about Alabama-West Florida Conference churches can be found by using the "Search" box or by using the "Church Locator."

Question about other UM websites such as, - Media and Technology Use

For links to other United Methodist web sites, visit our "Links" page. Links are listed by categories in a drop-down menu.


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