Experiential Prayer Room

The experiential prayer room offers, promotes and invites a worshipful prayer space with healing, nourishing spiritual practices to all of God's children.

A prayer experience that brings our  human senses into play is experiential worship.  In this engaging prayer experience we take an active role in our encounter, communion, and connection to God. 

When you enter the prayer room you will find a variety of prayer stations that you can spend as much or as little time at as you feel necessary.  You move through each station at your own pace. There may be some stations that don’t “speak to you” or don’t work for you and others in which you feel a sense of connection to God or the grace of God poured out on you.  These prayer stations help to create a reverent and quiet atmosphere which provides each person with an opportunity to personally enter into communion with God.

The prayer room also provides an opportunity for each of us to grow in our faith and to learn something new about ourselves and God.  It can be an experience that changes forever our perception of God and how God works in our lives. Renew your relationship with God by visiting the prayer room and spending time to listen, to wait, and to experience the grace of the living God. Spend time at each station listening to God speak to your heart, seeing God’s grace in the rich symbolism of our faith, and feeling God’s comforting love.  Let the Holy Spirit come into your heart and ignite the fire of God’s love and compassion. Experience God’s presence like never before. We invite you to come and see for yourself, hear for yourself, and move closer to God where God’s grace is waiting to be poured out for you.  Come, encounter God in an experiential way.

Prayer stations available in the Experiential Prayer room  around the labyrinth are:  Various prayer stations are set up with the intention to draw upon your senses and how one experienced God.  Some of them may be :  
1~write the prayers of your heart for self, others and the world with the wailing wall; 2~create your own prayer beads; 3~remember your baptism; 4~prayer as art; shawl / prayer / knitting (Learn about the prayer shawl ministry)  5~walk the Eleven Circuit Prayer Labyrinth and / or one may use a lap labyrinth who choose not to walk the large labyrinth. Learn about the Labyrinth Ministry that is available to your congregation for a deepening experience in discipleship and spiritual formation.  Be shaped and formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others.

What do I do?  When you enter the experiential prayer room, just read the signs and follow the directions.

The Experiential Prayer Room is offered during Annual Conference.  The Prayer Labyrinth and other tools of prayer are available to all during the hours of annual conference.

Or if you are interested in creating an Experiential Prayer Room for you church community please contact Patti Bodenhamer at pattibodenhamer@gamil.com