Special Called Session of Annual Conference
Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 4:00 PM Central Standard Time

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Sarah McWilliams

Important Note:

Lay members to Annual Conference for the May 2023 session and the main session of Annual Conference may differ. Please see the information below for an explanation. 

Who Can Register for the May Special Called Session (Zoom Webinar): 

Elected lay members last seated at the June 2022 session of Annual Conference will serve as the voting lay members for the May called session (¶602.5). Clergy membership of the annual conference is defined in ¶32 of The Book of Discipline

The May 2023 Special Called Session of Annual Conference will be held by Zoom Webinar. There is no cost for attendees for the May Special Session. 
Participants will be manually approved upon verification of voting credentials through our database and attendance records.  A unique webinar link will be sent to the registration email after verification. Please note that the webinar link sent to your provided email address is unique to that person. DO NOT share your link as it may interfere with your voting ability.  
All voting will be done through the Zoom polling option.  No additional voting credentials will be necessary for this special session.  Registration for the May called session closes on May 3rd.  This is a firm deadline.
Disaffiliation information for each of the churches to be voted on will be available on the conference website two weeks prior to the special session (April 23).  If you have questions specifically related to the disaffiliation process, please contact your district superintendent. 
A live stream of the May called session is available for those who are not voting members. The link will be available on the conference website (www.awfumc.org) one week prior to the session. If you have questions related to the May 7th special called session, contact Sarah McWilliams (sarah@awfumc.org).