Sharing our Stories: When Culture and Context Collide
Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 4:00 PM

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Rev. Audrey Rodgers

Under the leadership of Bishop David Graves, the Alabama-West Florida Conference has established The Coalition for Dismantling Racism

This coalition will be sponsoring a series of events related to dismantling racism. As the Alabama-West Florida Conference continues to honor Black History Month, this panel will host an intercultural and intergenerational conversation about the joy, awkwardness, laughter, fear and anxiety that often accompanies intercultural dialogue. 

The subcommittee members planning this event are:
Rev. Rhett Butler
Rev. Katrina Paxson
Rev. Audrey Rodgers
Rev. Jackie Slaughter

Don Woodley
David Saliba
Bria Rochelle
Katherine and Brad Cooper
Kadine Christie
Ronald Ashley

John Brooks
Rhett Butler

Earlier in the day the conference will premier the February Collaborative Worship Service honoring Black History Month on Facebook