Live-Streaming Jesus: Preaching in Time of Pandemic
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM

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"What's that in your hand?" God asks Moses.  God already endured all Moses's mumbled excuses about not being that great at public speaking.  God already realized appearing as Incombustible Miracle wasn't convincing enough.  "What do you have there, Moses?" "Well, I've got this stick I picked up along the way." Moses replies.  Certainly nothing special. "That'll do", God might have said.  "That'll do, because ultimately, this whole thing I am doing, that I am ALWAYS DOING? Isn't all that much about you anyway."  

In Alabama and across the world, preachers are picking up what they have...from an 4 year old iPhone to a webcam, an FM broadcast to 4K live-stream, preaching in empty churches and living rooms and backyards to pews or pets or potted plants.  "What is in your hand?"  God already has plans for it.   And it's not that much about you, even though standing alone with a message and a laptop may not feel like it. 

Christine Parton Burkett will host a webinar and open discussion on the nature of on line delivery in the time of Covid-19.  We will look at what we keep from our old ways of preaching and what we leave behind.  We will address practical aspects of camera anxiety, staging, posture and presence.  And we will remember the ancient truth about preaching; God already has plans powerful enough to split the sea.

Christine Parton Burkett has served as the lecturing fellow in speech at Duke Divinity School in Durham, N.C., since 1991.  In this role, she has worked with seminary students across Christian traditions to encourage their strengths and identify areas for growth, focusing especially – but not exclusively – on excellence in full-bodied delivery. She has been a featured presenter at more than one hundred retreats, workshops and conferences for clergy around the United States and in Canada, and she regularly coaches clergy and lay worship leaders using tools that she has created including reader’s theater, choric readings, and biblical story-telling. She has degrees in theater and speech language pathology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.