Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns

(“Q” and ¶632, 2012 Book of Discipline) 

Chairperson:  Rev. Dunford Cole
Rev. Norman Tinsley (16), Division of Religion and Race (¶643) 
Rev. Holly Morales (16), Division of Status and Role of Women (¶644) 
Berta Hurston (16), Division of Disability Concerns (¶653) 
Rev. Dunford Cole (09), Division of Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (¶642) 
Gloria Williams (16), Division of Strengthening the Black Church (¶632)
Gary Cole (16), Division of Native American Ministries (¶654) 
Rev. Andres Doimeadios (16), Division of Hispanic-Latino Ministries (¶632)
Rev. Sung-Kuk Hong (12), Division of Asian Ministries (¶632)
At Large: Rev. Dana Wallace (16)
Ex-Officio Members
Commission on Native American Ministries:  TBD
Coordinator, Hispanic-Latino Ministries:  Martha Rovira
Director of Mission and Advocacy:  Susan Hunt