ERT 200 Offerings

ERT 200 courses are a great way to gain more skills in disaster response efforts. In addition, ERT 200 courses qualify for ERT re-certification. In order to qualify for re-certification, the 200 level course must be completed within 4 years of original ERT badging. Though an ERT badge is good for 3 years, a 200 level course can be completed in the 4th year to qualify for a re-certification. 200 level course can be taken at any time; you do not have to only use it as a re-certification course.

Please contact Dan Kirk at to begin the process of arranging a 200 level course.

ERT 200 level offerings:

Cleaning up flooded homes

Cleaning Out Flooded Homes , more commonly referred to as "mucking out", will talk about current best practices and safety procedures for cleaning out, stabilizing and sanitizing water damaged homes.

ERT Team Leader

Team Leadership , is designed to be for both leaders and assistant leaders. This class will explore more of what those functions involve as well as what all functions should be doing.

On-Site Management

On Site Management (OSM) is a class designed to help communities receive ERTs by knowing what should be in place before the invitation is issued. Discussed is what type of assessments, forms, or other arrangements can be made to speed up the invitation of ERTs to a disaster area.

Site Assessment

Site Assessment class is designed for both team leader and logistics persons. This class explores ways to evaluate a site for safety and suitability for an ERT. ERT site assessment specialty teams could be very helpful in the earliest days after an event to set the way for other teams to come. (This class is not designed for use in rebuilding or repairing.)