Equip Training

EQUIP is a leadership development and team building model founded by Dr. John Maxwell, the foremost teacher of leadership in the world. It has been used successfully in over 100 countries. It is Biblically based and therefore is the perfect approach to teach leadership and team building to servants of Jesus Christ.

ACE is targeting small membership churches with the EQUIP initiative because: 1) We have so many of them, and 2) Many are desperate for leaders.

Twenty persons, both local pastors and key conference laity have been trained in EQUIP. They have committed to teach it in their local setting and to be available to teach it elsewhere. EQUIP is a "train the trainer" model, so anyone who has received the training is then able to teach others. It is simple and easy to use.

A list of trained teachers is available by contacting Allison Frost, Administrative Assistant, alisonfrost334@gmail.com.