CORE Team Members

CORE (Connecting Our Resources and Empowerment) TEAM
                       (Standing Rules 5A and 24)

The Conference Lay Leader, Co-Chairperson:  Beverly Maddox 
The Director of Connectional Ministries, Co-Chairperson:  Rev. Ashley Davis
Cabinet Representative:  Rev. Tim Trent
President UMW: Debbie Bell
President UMM:  Frank Moore
UMY Representative:   Rev. Jeremy Steele
Chairperson, Board of Pension and Health Benefits:  Rev. Steve Reneau
President, Council on Finance and Administration:  Beebe Frederick
Chairperson, Board of Ordained Ministry:  Rev. Jim Sanders
Chairperson, Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministries:  Rev. Misty Barrett
Chairperson, Board of Discipleship:  Lisa Hunt
Chairperson, Board of Global Ministries:  Rev. Jason Thrower
Chairperson, Board of Church and Society:  Khristen Carlson
Chairperson, Board of Congregational Development:  Rev. Frederick Outlaw
Chairperson, Town and Country Commission:  Rev. Lance Eiland
Chairperson, Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns:  Rev. Norman Tinsley
President, Conference Board of Trustees:  June Carpenter
Chairperson, Commission on Equitable Compensation:  Rev. Michael Cobb
Chairperson, Conference Policies and Personnel Committee: Rev. Brennan Peacock
Chairperson, Commission on Archives and History: Rev. Olivia Poole Reneau
At-Large Members:
Rick Dinkins (16), Rev. David Morris (16), Ron Penton (16), Clara Ester (16),
Rev. Emily Kincaid (16), Rev. Jonathan Hart (16), Nathan Dickson (18)
Ex-Officio Members (Voice, No Vote)
The Resident Bishop
The Conference Secretary:  Rev. Ashley Davis
The Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services:  Suzanne Krejcar
The Director of Communications:  Mary Catherine Phillips
The Director of Mission and Advocacy:  Susan Hunt
The Director of Leadership Strategies: Celeste Eubanks
The Director of Multicultural Ministries: Rev. John Brooks
The Director of Congregational Development: Rev. Bill Kierce
The Director of Blue Lake:  Steve Lewandowski 
The Coordinator of Hispanic-Latino Ministries:  Martha Rovira
The Director of Ministerial Services and Assistant to Resident Bishop:  Rev. June Jernigan