Conference Board of Trustees

2022-2023 Officers, Committees, and Members

President: Rev. Olivia Poole
Vice-President: Christy Crow
Secretary: John Bush
Designated Recorder: Rev. Mike Hoppe

Safe Sanctuaries Team:
Chair: Betty Stone, John Daniel

Woodmere Building Team:
Chair, Rev. Larry Bryars, Rev. Mike Hoppe, Suzanne Krejcar

Property Task Force:
Rev. Emily Kincaid, Pat Luna, John Bush, Christy Crow, Suzanne Krejcar

Ex-Officio Members:
Cabinet Representative, Rev. Dr. Debora Bishop
Conference Treasurer, Suzanne Krejcar
Term Expiring Date 2023:  Rev. Olivia Poole, Jo Ann Roberts(22), Lee Thomas
Term Expiring Date 2024:  Rev. Larry Bryars, Pat Luna, John Bush
Term Expiring Date 2025:  Christy Crow, Rev. Mike Hoppe, John Daniel(21)
Term Expiring Date 2026:  Bill Hopper, Betty Stone(18), Rev. Emily Kincaid(21)