Companions In Christ

Companions in Christ is a small-group resource designed by the Upper Room to create a setting where participants can respond to God’s call to an ever-deepening communion and wholeness in Christ and build community. 

Unlike traditional Bible studies, this 26-week program focuses on participants’ experience of God and discovery of spiritual practices that help share more fully the life of Christ. Because it is led in the local church, it offers unique opportunities for spiritual formation for a reasonable cost. It can be led by a local church member using the well-designed Leader’s Guide.

Companions in Christ offers instruction in ways to immerse oneself in “streams of living water” through the spiritual disciplines of prayer, scripture, ministry, worship, study and Christian conversation.  In weekly 2-hour meetings, members explore the depths of scripture, learn to listen to God through it, and allow themselves to be shaped by the Word. Members grow together as a Christian community and gain skills in learning how small groups in the church become settings for spiritual guidance.

Companions is not an introductory course in Christianity for new Christians, but it helps church people take up the basic disciplines of faith in renewing and transforming ways. For further information and to acquire materials contact Lesley Cooper at