Director of Music


Oversight of the Church Music Ministry: 1. Coordinate the planning and implementation of a comprehensive music ministry for the congregation, specifically traditional musical activities of the church to include: Chancel Choir, ensembles and soloists. 2. Coordinate music as appropriate for Sunday morning traditional services that is relevant to sermon series/church-wide initiaves and special worship services such as Holy Week and Advent. 3. Serve as a resource person for the handbell program, Contemporary Praise Team, PreK, Cherub, youth, and children’s activities as an advisor of music selection and music building skills. 4. Organize Chancel choir, solos and ensembles, choose music, schedule rehearsal/performance time for special church-wide events. 5. Provide leadership for congregational singing in traditional services, choir anthem, and special music for seasonal worship services as requested by the Senior Minister. 6. Continue education opportunities for self in music and conducting, especially those offered by the UMC. Chancel Choir: 7. Conduct the Chancel Choir in two Sunday morning traditional worship services 8. Conduct the Chancel Choir in weekly Wednesday night choir rehearsals. 9. Recruit, train, expand, and enrich the choir members’ music skills and faith through music. Worship: 10. Promote the spiritual life of the congregation and its members through music ministry and worship. 11. Lead the congregational singing for two Sunday morning traditional worship services. 12. Coordinate music worship with the senior pastor, musicians, accompanist, Praise Team, PreK, Cherub, Children’s and Youth choirs and others who may be responsible for the planning and leading of worship. Music, Supplies Maintenance, Records, Budget: 13. Gather inventory and financial information and provide a recommended budget each year. 14. Select, purchase, file, and care for the choral music library for the church. 15. Selection and supervision of piano accompanists. 16. Keep piano accompanists informed of services, rehearsals, and type/quality of music needed. 17. Coordinate the maintenance and care of pianos, choral robes, and choral music supplies of the church. 18. Upload weekly traditional music selections for the bulletin and coordinate with the audio coordinator to upload the traditional lyrics for the slide presentation during worship services. 19. Provide a substitute director for any absences from traditional worship services. 20. Attend appropriate meetings to include monthly Church Council meetings and staff meetings to represent the concerns of music and worship. 21. Submit for vacation and other time off as required by established policy.

Contact: Angela Barberi

Address: 1394 East Nine Mile Road Pensacola FL 32514

Phone: 8502618582



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