QuadW Missional Outreach, Development Manager (REMOTE)


Candidates will have experience in general nonprofit management, leadership, and comprehensive development programs including stewardship and data management. Responsibilities will include managing a comprehensive fundraising program, coordinating the activities of outside agencies as they relate to marketing, further developing a strong corporate giving program, initiating a full individual giving program which includes sustaining donors, expanding the planned giving program, and creating a long-term fundraising strategy. This is a leadership position responsible for the creation and implementation of the QuadW Missional Outreach Development strategic plan to maintain and grow a revenue portfolio of $1mm+ through giving channels such as Planned Giving, Individual Giving, Direct Mail, Digital Fundraising, Email, and Grant Writing. Duties include overseeing fundraising efforts in these channels, building strong and successful relationships, maintaining communications with donors, churches, alumni, and their families, and managing relationships with outside vendors or agencies. This position will contribute high-quality social media content that effectively engages donors / potential donors. This position involves significant teamwork and collaborative efforts with representatives of the QuadW Missional Outreach Board, Development/Fundraising Committee, organizations, foundations, corporations, and private donors. To apply, please upload a cover letter and resume using the following jotform link: https://form.jotform.com/220105674040139

Contact: Don Woolley, Ph.D

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Website: https://form.jotform.com/220105674040139

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