Director of Youth Ministry, Enterprise First United Methodist Church


The Director of Youth Ministry provides leadership and vision to the overall organization, design, and oversight of the youth program for youth in grades 7 - 12. This position plays a key role in nurturing and educating the young people of the church. The position requires a deep Christian commitment and caring demeanor as a spiritual leader and mentor for church families. Position reports to Senior Pastor.


  1. Manage the overall organization design and oversight of all Youth Ministries programs providing vision for Youth curriculum while maximizing usage of all church facilities which are conducive to youth activities.
  2. Work with existing ministerial teams within the established philosophy of ministry to achieve the stated goals of the church, and specifically, Youth Ministry, within the church and within the community.
  3. Coordinate yearly program calendar for all Youth events and programming. Coordinate the timing of all Youth programming with the Church Secretary to avoid conflicts in facility scheduling, as well as any other staff members involved to avoid conflicting times with other ministry programs.
  4. Plan and execute affordable special events for youth and their families.
  5. Communicate facility upkeep and improvement needs for Youth Ministries.
  6. Create and oversee policies and procedures to provide a safe environment for the youth.
  7. Recruit, train, lead, schedule, and provide direction to volunteers who are involved in any aspect of Youth Ministry. Develop recruitment strategies that enhance lay involvement in Youth Ministries.
  8. Be responsible for all communications of Youth programs, events, and responsibilities to parents, youth, staff members and volunteers.
  9. Select appropriate curriculum and develop and oversee ministries and programs designed to enhance and encourage families as primary faith educators of their youth.
  10. Participate in weekly staff meetings, individual staff meetings, training, and retreat events to benefit from networking with other ministers.
  11. Provide weekly reporting updates to Senior Pastor to include current plans and progress for Youth activities and educational programming.
  12. Have a thorough knowledge of church organization and individual staff responsibilities to provide appropriate assistance and good rapport with all staff, members of the congregation and guests, and channel inquiries to the appropriate committee, minister, or staff person.
  13. Plan, oversee, and direct annual Youth programs to include Summer Programs with focus on outreach beyond our church family into the community.
  14. Supervise and maintain the existing Youth educational materials, equipment, and supplies, as well as selecting new materials for use in the Youth programs as needed.
  15. Immediately address any parental concerns which may arise in the course of conducting Youth programs, as well as offer counseling and/or referrals to families who may have specific needs
  16. Oversee the implementation of the Safe Sanctuary program as it applies to Youth programs and activities. Communicate any Safe Sanctuary concerns or needs for improvement to the Associate Pastor for further follow-up.
  17. Attend scholastic events, sporting events, etc. in which youth are involved and understand how crucial this is in building strong relationships with our youth.
  1. Assist with the administration of the sacraments of baptism and communion as requested by the pastor(s).
  2. Support the Evangelism Committee to maintain the proper emphasis upon outreach and discipleship of youth and their families in our community who do not currently attend FUMC.
  3. Exhibit professional welcoming reception and follow proper procedures for handling visitors requiring Ministerial consultation, assistance, emergencies, etc., exhibiting a genuine, biblical servant attitude in any situation.
  4. Endeavor to become familiar with as many congregational members as possible in order to promote a positive working relationship between the staff and membership.
  5. Attend annual conference and annual personal development opportunities to keep abreast of the ever changing church environment and provide fresh insight and ideas for personal plans for ministry.
  6. Coordinate efforts with other local churches to maximize contact hours with the youth of the community in a controlled setting.
  7. Coordinate with Music Ministries Director to provide a well-rounded age appropriate music program for youth.
  8. Coordinate with Recreational Ministries Director to maximize usage of Family Life Center in ministering and nurturing youth.
  9. Communicate facility upkeep and improvement needs for Youth Ministry to Board of Trustees.
  10. Willingness to perform additional duties as required or assigned.
  1. Deeply committed Christian
  2. Deep commitment to youth
  3. Proven leadership and management experience
  4. Genuine, biblical servant attitude in any situation
  5. Excellent organizational and goal oriented skills
  6. Able to multi-task and handle multiple priorities
  7. Able to handle confidential information in an appropriate manner
  8. A team player.
  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. In lieu of a degree, appropriate experience may be considered as determined by the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
  1. Education in child development and/or curriculum development desirable but not required.
  1. High energy
  2. Ability to ‘plug in” and “play.”

Contact: Rev Ryan Martin, Associate Pastor

Address: 217 S. Main Street Enterprise AL 36330

Phone: 334-347-6939