2020 Charge Conference Information

August 13, 2020

Dear Pastors,

During my years serving as a pastor, I always looked forward to the fall season as students returned to school and programs kicked-off in the local church. There was a sense of excitement and renewal that came with increased activities and cooler weather. Like many of you, I am longing for something that feels "normal" as we enter month six of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, ministry continues, and I am grateful for your leadership in these unprecedented times!  

As I shared with you on July 15, our fall charge conference process and meetings will also look very different this year. I am so grateful for the conference resource team that has worked diligently to move all of our charge conference forms online. Yes, it will feel different this year; but this is a great step forward as we use technology to advance our commitment to adaptive leadership. As previously announced, our schedule for the charge conference season is as follows:  

August 13: Online charge conference forms are now live and accessible through your local church dashboard. See detailed information in the right panel on this page.

September 15: District superintendents will produce charge conference schedules for their districts no later than this date. Remember, most of these charge conferences will be done in clusters and/or on Zoom calls.  

October 5: All charge conference forms are due (regardless of your charge conference schedule). All forms are to be submitted through the dashboard, including the signature page, by this date. Forms will not be accepted by mail or email.  

October 15-November 30: All charge conferences will be completed during this six -week period.  

I am grateful for your willingness to work with our conference staff and district superintendents as we find new ways to do our shared work. And I am grateful for your leadership in the Alabama-West Florida Conference.

In Christ,
Bishop David Graves
Alabama-West Florida Conference

1. Local Church Dashboard/Church Login
To begin the charge conference form process, you will need to access your church dashboard through the church login.

Written Instructions for accessing the local church dashboard may be found here

A video tutorial on accessing the local church dashboard may be found here.
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2. New Charge Conference Forms Overview
Written instructions for the new charge conference form process may be found here.

A video tutorial on the new charge conference forms may be found here. 
Please allow time for video to properly load. 

3. FormVites
Instructions for navigating FormVites to complete the forms may be found here.