BOM Members 2017-2020


(“Q” and Standing Rule 27 and ¶635, 2016 Book of Discipline)

Officers (Executive Committee)

Chairperson:  Jim Sanders
Vice Chairperson: Emily Kincaid  
Secretary:   Alan Gantzhorn
Chairperson, Order of Elders:  Brian Miller
Chairperson, Order of Deacons:  Allison Posell
Chair, Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members:  Dunford Cole
At-Large Member:  Nathan Dickson
Cabinet Representatives to the Executive Committee:  Sara Shaver
Director of Ministerial Services and Assistant to Resident Bishop:  June Jernigan
Conference Relations Committee Chair to the Executive Committee: Kathy Knight


Members (2017-2020)

Kathy Knight, Larry Anderson, Danny Arnold, Nathan Attwood, Dave Barkalow, Dan Baughman, Carol Jean Barrow, John Bratcher, Suzie Beeson, Sterling Boykin,Jim Buchli, Alan Cassady, Jay Cooper, Lisa Cooper, Stephanie Cox, John Croft, Ed Deabler, Nathan Dickson, Jim DuFriend, Celeste Eubanks, Kathy Fisher, Alan Gantzorn, Sarah Goolsby, Scott Hohn, Kathy Jorgensen, Geoffrey Kagoro, Meghan Kelley, Emily Kincaid, Geoffrey Lentz, Angie Long, Brian Miller, Matt Mobley, Clint McBroom, Brennan Peacock, Amy Persons-Parks, Olivia Poole, Michael Precht, Dave Rhodes, Paula Roane, Roy Rogers, David Saliba, Jim Sanders, Jeff Spicer, Bob Sweet, Larry Teasley, Lee Thigpen, Gillian Walters, Steve Warren, Jeff Wilson, Ralph Wooten.