Storm Recovery

Bishop Paul L. Leeland


Dear friends and colleagues in ministry,

The immediate storm within the bounds of our conference produced more rain water than Hurricane Ivan. Hundreds of homes and churches were damaged by the storm. As your Bishop, allow me to invite your prayers and generosity to offer a healing presence within our communities as we share a compassionate presence to bring relief and hope to those who have been impacted by the damaging rains.

Our conference volunteers were immediately present to report and track the damage of these storms. The disaster response team is outlining the best response as we await the receding waters. Bishops from other annual conferences have called to offer assistance and work teams as needed. One church in the storm area went by boat from house to house assisting families within their community.

I would encourage all clergy to receive an extra missional offering this week to assist our conference, communities, and families in the recovery that is before us. Having worked in a conference following the devastation of flooding, I know it takes much effort to help families return to their homes.

Thank you for your generosity and your help in assisting those who are most worried and discouraged from this storm.

Grace and Peace,
Paul Leeland