Response to Tsunami

Bishop Paul L. Leeland


Dear Friends:

I want to pass along information I received from the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) in regards to the response concerning the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. This information was made available to the Council of Bishops and Leaders and Members of the United Methodist Asian American Community.

GBGM expresses its sincere appreciation for the many messages of concern sent to them and continues to ask for prayers for the families of so many in the country of Japan.

GBGM is in touch with mission partners and their own personnel as the response begins. As of March 13, all personnel were successfully contacted and they continue to monitor the threat from the damaged nuclear reactors.

The new Wesley Center in Tokyo, related to United Methodist Women, was not damaged and is able to provide care to those now homeless in Japan. The Asian Rural Institute sustained considerable damage.

As many of you read through our news release on Friday, March 11, a new advance was specifically setup for this disaster response. The Pacific Emergency Advance number is 3021317.

Information can be found at as it becomes available and we will notify the conference of significant updates. Today's update can be found here.

Please continue with me in prayer for the thousands of people affected by this tremendous disaster.

Grace and Peace,

Paul L. Leeland