A Message from our Lay Leader

The deeply profound philosopher Yogi Berra, who also happens to be a Hall of Fame baseball player, once said, "I really didn't say everything I said." Perhaps the same thing can be said about John Wesley. Go to our feature article which was recently printed in the United Methodist Reporter. It looks at some of the sayings that are credited to John Wesley to see if the was actually the originator of those quotes.

Methodism, although declining in the US, is growing worldwide. See our brief report on the recent meeting of the World Methodist Council/Conference. While in South Africa my wife Lisa and I met a group who is working with underprivileged young people to make jewelry. This is used to help support them and their families and also teach them a trade. The sponsors wanted to give the young people "a hand up and not a handout." Lisa was really excited about the jewelry and I think by reading more about this, you will be too. Information is there for you to order directly if you wish. It certainly goes for a great cause.

Rod Manning was an outstanding district lay leader for many years in our conference. Several years ago he moved to Texas. Before he left he gave me a copy of a pamphlet entitled, "Methodist Moments." It was developed while he was at Trinity UMC in Prattville while Rev. Steve MacInnis was the pastor. Each week for 52 weeks he provided a weekly short message having to do with our Methodist heritage, explaining what we Methodists believe as doctrine and why we believe as we do. He has attempted in these brief Methodist Moments to address something of the history and organization of the United Methodist Church and clarify some of the information found in the United Methodist Book of Discipline, the instrument that establishes the governing process of our church. I think you will enjoy these as we share them over our upcoming editions.

Since our book review is a book by Zig Ziglar I've included many of my favorite quotes from Zig over the years. See the quotes from Zig at the end of this newsletter. Did you know he was born in Alabama?

Do you ever wonder where your apportionment dollars go? Take a few moments to see the video and follow the link to the conference calculator. You can quickly determine where your church money goes to support the ministries of the church.

Finally, if you haven't seen the movie Secretariat, it will be a great investment of your time.

Make sure you look over the upcoming events for opportunities to learn and grow.

Steve Furr, M.D.
Conference Lay Leader