Accessible and Disability-Friendly Badge for Churches

Announcing the Accessible and Disability-Friendly Badge for Churches!

Would you like a way to let your community know that your church building is accessible and your congregation welcomes persons of all abilities? The DisAbility Ministries Committee of The United Methodist Church has a new tool for you!

Based on your score on the Annual Accessibility Audit for United Methodist Churches you may be awarded a badge for use on your congregation’s website and Find-A-Church site so that people looking for an accessible place to worship know about your commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Door decals will communicate the same information to visitors who show up for worship.

Bronze (Basic accessibility and accommodations) – The church is welcoming and offers basic amenities needed for a person with a disability to participate, e.g. a place to park, a way to get into the building and sanctuary, a bathroom that is usable, etc. Most items at this level are low cost and can be easily provided, e.g. ushers and greeters trained in disability etiquette, website information on access. 

Silver (Satisfactory accessibility and accommodations) – The church has many accessible features and offers accommodations for persons with a variety of disabilities including hearing loss and limited vision. Silver level items may cost a bit more and take more effort to put in place. While some areas are not yet fully accessible and inclusive, it is clear that the congregation is working towards accessibility.

Gold (Great accessibility and accommodations) – The congregation has gone beyond ADA and strives to provide an accessible space and appropriate accommodations. The church welcomes individuals with varying disabilities and their families through intentional measures and ministries. Continued improvement is planned based on needs of members and the community. This church would be a good choice to host conference events per ¶716.2 of the Book of Discipline, and might mentor other


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