Academy for Congregational Excellence


The Academy for Congregational Excellence (ACE) is designed to increase effectiveness in clergy and laity by sharpening skills and increasing competencies. 

Remember, the formula for a vital congregation is: faithfulness + effectiveness = fruitfulness. If you would like help with becoming more effective please contact us.

Here is what ACE is currently doing:

  • Partners in Preaching; 2 classes over 8 months that meet monthly (Montgomery and Dothan)
  • Working to partner with Wild Woods Retreat to provide a Soul Keeping Retreat for pastors four times a year
  • Academy for Ministry with Children
  • Becoming a More Effective Leader sessions in Districts for clergy and laity

The seven initiatives of ACE are:
1. Preaching Excellence
2. Clergy Self Care
3. Missional Church
4. Equip Training
5. Academy for Ministries with Children
6. Primary Leadership Skills
7. ACE Lead Team/SLI

Ron Ball
Executive Director

Allison Frost
Administrative Assistant