Teaming With Tanzania

In March of 2018 a team of 10 people from the Alabama-West Florida Conference traveled to Tanzania to explore possibilities for greater support of the United Methodist Church in Tanzania. From this trip Teaming with Tanzania was established to develop a long-term partnership between the Alabama-West Florida Conference and the United Methodist Church of Tanzania. This partnership of discipleship and shared ministry supports ministries that are self-sustaining and focused on leadership development, economic development, and capacity development.



Through this multi-tiered, multi-year Teaming With Tanzania mission campaign, individuals, small groups, local churches, and districts within the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference are encouraged to get involved and partner with the people of Tanzania. In addition to a relational ministry partnership, three areas of support are available, as seen in the videos below. For more details, visit How to Participate.


Worship and Evangelism Through the Building of Churches

As the Gospel continues to spread in Tanzania and new United Methodist churches are established, church buildings are needed to support these congregations. By supporting the construction of a church building, you are helping provide a place for the people of Tanzania to worship and promoting evangelism around the world. The cost of church building projects range from $25,000 for a smaller village church to $50,000 for a larger town church. This cost includes the land purchase, church construction, and a parsonage. See the VBS materials for ways your children can be involved.



Education and Development Through Wesley College

Located in the Mwanza Region of northern Tanzania, Wesley College is a United Methodist related institution that offers programs in theology and adult education. By sponsoring student scholarships, providing technology and resource needs, and helping with capital for future development you are supporting the training and education of current and future leaders in Tanzania, and promoting ministry that is long-term and self-sustaining.



Training and Development Opportunities

Opportunities are available for qualified individuals to provide short-term training sessions in Tanzania. These teams of five to eight people will provide training in specific areas such as: entrepreneurial and small business training, economic empowerment, pastoral training, laity training, discipleship training, children's ministry leadership training, Christian education training, and vocational training.



See more specific details at How to Participate.


Teaming with Tanzania is excited to partner with Eric and Liz Soard, Global Ministries Missionaries, currently serve in Tanzania. You can visit their blog at to read more about their ministry and the ministry of the United Methodist Church in Tanzania.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Teaming with Tanzania or if you would like to learn more about how to get involved contact Susan Hunt, Director of Mission and Advocacy, at or 334-356-8014.