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Disaster Response - Church Response, Community Response - August 8, 2016 (28:43)

     websites: http://www.awfumc.org/disasterresponserecoveryministry 

     handout: Suggested Websites and apps for your smartphone


Disaster Response - Church preparedness - July 7, 2016 (36:16)

     website: http://www.awfumc.org/disasterresponserecoveryministry 
     handout: Suggested Websites and apps for your smartphone


UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers In Mission) overview - April 5, 2016 (30:09)
      - Don Brill Brochure
      - Don Brill form
      - Schedule of benefits
      - Sports Schedule of benefits
      - UMVIM-SEJ Projects
   websites: www.awfumc.org/umvimtraining, www.awfumc.org/umvim, www.umvim.org


AWF UM Foundation - Planned Giving for Churches - August 3, 2016 (35:09)

     website: http://alwfumf.org/ 


Mission Insite - May 24, 2016 (35:23)
   website: http://missioninsite.com/
   handout: How to register for an account


Connectional Ministries Overview, March 8, 2016 (18:13)
  -pdf handout

Conference Advance - May 25, 2016 (22:55)
    - Advance Brochure
    - Advance application
    - Advance evaluation form
    - Advance guidelines
   websites: www.awfumc.org/advance, www.awfumc.org/advancebrochure, General Advance


For more information, contact Susan Hunt at susan@awfumc.org

If you are not able to watch the videos online, contact Susan Hunt and she will put them on DVD or thumb drive and mail it to you.