Ecumenical Staff Officer and Leadership Development - UMC


The United Methodist Church (UMC) is seeking an Ecumenical Staff Officer (ESO).  The ESO serves under the authority of the Council of Bishops (COB) through the Ecumenical Officer.

The role is responsible for serving The UMC in its quest for unity and for the development of relationships with other churches, ecumenical organizations and religious faith communities.  In this regard, the role will work with bishops to prepare them to appropriately represent the UMC in these global, regional and national associations and relationships.  Also, the role is accountable for strengthening bishops’ ability to foster relationships and address issues relating to ecumenical and interreligious work in congregations and communities in their residential area.

The role is responsible for working with bishops to identify and develop leaders across the denomination in areas of ecumenical and interfaith understanding and leadership.

Per disciplinary guidelines, the Ecumenical Staff Officer shall be a professing member of the UMC.  

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Address: Washington