Ecumenical Staff Officer: Faith & Order and Theological Development - UMC


The United Methodist Church (UMC) is seeking an Ecumenical Staff Officer (ESO) for Theological Development and Faith & Order (F&O).  The ESO serves under the authority of the Council of Bishops (COB) through the Ecumenical Officer.

The role is responsible for providing supporting academic analysis and critical reflection upon ecumenical and interreligious activities relating to the UMC, its identity, plans and positions.  This role serves as the primary advisory to the Council of Bishops, Ecumenical Officer and Ecumenical Staff Officer on matters of theological and ecclesiological issues of The UMC.

This role will also provide scholarly reflection and analysis on matters of faith, doctrine, order and discipline of the church supporting the COB and the Committee of F&O.  In this capacity, research and analysis may be performed directly by this position, or distributed to experts in United Methodist seminaries or other bodies.  Where others are involved in analysis, the role will coordinate the production of the work for Taskforce or Committee review.

In areas of Theological Development and Faith & Order, the role will coordinate with United Methodist seminaries to partner on academic and theological analysis.

The role will serve as the coordinator of COB materials with the General Commission on Archives & History.  

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Address: Washington