Bishop Paul Leeland is the Alabama-West Florida Conference Bishop in Residence. He is from the North Carolina Conference and is serving his second quadrennium.

Partnership is a rich word for Bishop Leeland. It is more than simply linking churches together in districts or conferences. More appropriately, it is a “web of relationships” working together in mutual respect and trust. Partnership is characterized by deacons and elders, laity and clergy, those ordained and those who are licensed, congregations and communities all fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

These temporal partnerships are simply a reflection of the divine partnership between Jesus Christ and the Church. For this reason, it is important for Bishop Leeland that we create an atmosphere of trust and collegiality with those who make up the context of ministry, reminding us that we are the Body of Christ. When we are in the presence of Christ, even in the midst of our diversity, we can be in a spirit of unity.